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Mate Claimed

Mate Claimed -  Jennifer Ashley 4.5 stars

I adore this series!! Right from the start the world and the people inhabiting it captured my attention and refused to let go. I have high expectations and this book lived up to them.

Eric Warden is a Shiftertown leader. As such he has a lot of responsibilities. He's quite used to them, but there are times when the burden is heavier. Like now, some human decided to save money and shut down the second Shiftertown in Nevada, forcing the nearly feral Lupines to move to Eric's town. What humans don't get is that things aren't that easy, the biggest problem being the dominance issue. You can't put two alphas together and expect the best. That's problem number one.

Problem number two is the delectable Iona. She's a half-Shifter panther who's been passing for human her entire life. But she is maturing and has entered the mating frenzy. The days of hiding who she is are behind her. If only she wasn't so stubborn and independent, and was actually willing to follow orders, Eric's life would've been so much easier. And yet, the feisty cat is attracting him, making him think of mates and cubs - so inconvenient.

Eric is simply delicious, strong and alpha, and yet gentle when necessary. Iona, while stubborn is willing to concede when needed, but is also strong and compassionate. I loved them both.

Then there's Eric's family and friends - his son Jace, sister Cassie, the bears next door... :D They are all amazing.

My favorite side character is Graham, the Lupine leader. I really hope he gets a book soon. :D

The not so good part is the suspense plot. While it all made sense and was wrapped up neatly in the end, it felt as if something was missing. but the romance made up for it, completely.

Can't wait for Tiger Magic the next book in the series. Silly me actually read the teaser in the of this book, and now the anticipation is even harder to take. When will I learn? -.-