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Mistletoe & Margaritas

Mistletoe & Margaritas - Shannon Stacey A cute short story, I liked it.

Claire lost her beloved husband two years ago. Since then she became closer than ever with her husband's best friend Justin. In the early days he was the one she turned to when she needed comfort. Now, they are really good friends. If only she didn't want more.

Justin has been in love with Claire from the beginning. He knew it would never become anything serious, after all she was married. But now, when it appears she is ready to start living fully again, things are about to change.

The plot is one of my favorites, the old friends-to-lovers. *sigh*

Both Justin and Claire are good characters. Claire loved her husband, but now with all these new feelings she has for Justin are worth exploring. Besides, her husband would approve, living alone for the rest of her life is not an answer. Unfortunately, Justin doesn't see it that way. He feels like he's betraying his best friend. It takes him some time to come to terms with the real possibility of a HEA.

All in all, an entertaining read perfect for Christmas (of course I am a month late :-) ).


4 stars