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Time Out

Time Out - Jill Shalvis Mark Diego left his hometown and never really looked back. He loves his father and brother, but sometimes simply can't understand them. He always aimed high, and now that he's head coach for a successful hockey coach his life is near perfect.


So when two of his players get into a fight, he has a perfect solution. To show that they are repentant they'll spent the off-season helping build homes for people that lost theirs in a fire. And they'll help with the rec center, the one that his brother is in charge of. The one that Rainey Saunders works for.

Rainey wants nothing to do with Mark. As a teenager she had quite a crush on him, and it all culminated with an unbearably humiliating experience on her sweet sixteen birthday. But now he's back, and he's even more handsome and sweet. Getting involved is a bad idea, and yet she can't resist.

I liked both of them. But they never really shone. They were nice and all, but didn't really inspire me (it took me a week to find the will to write this review). It didn't help that I don't like the reunion stories (true they were never really together, but there was all that bad history between them), all that I hate you for what you did ten years ago, I will never forgive you - I simply find nothing attractive about it.

The best part of the book, were the girl on the softball team.


They were truly amazing, and made the rating for the book to go up.

There were some LOL moments, mostly involving Mark and the softball team - his reaction when he realized he has to coach a bunch of teenage girls, when they started talking about boys and asked for his advice... :D

Some of the quotes I liked are included below.

All in all, a decent read with some good moments, but nothing spectacular.


3 stars

*ARC received from NetGalley*