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Coming Soon (Harlequin Blaze #386)

Coming Soon (Harlequin Blaze #386) - Jo Leigh Manhattan's sexy adults-only hotel is now a crime scene. And concierge Mia Traverse--self-described CSI addict--is on the case. Whether it's hunting down extra-soft pillows for a fussy guest or tracking down a murderer, Mia loves solving a mystery. With her grapevine connections and her plucky determination, she knows she can be a big help to the hot detective in charge. With just a few months left on the force, Bax Milligan needs all the help he can get on this high-profile whodunit. But he hadn't counted on vivacious, beautiful Mia becoming the Watson to his Holmes, reviving that old thrill of solving a crime...and triggering a few new thrills. Now the case isn't the only thing he wants to put to bed....

Usually, when I give a book 3 stars it means I liked it, but there were some things that didn't fit in, or simply annoyed me. In this case, it wasn't like that. I liked the characters, the plot, but the book simply couldn't hold my attention.

Mia is a concierge, great at what she does, and on top of it, it's her dream job. She loves puzzles, so when there's a murder at Hush, she simply can't resist. After all, she could help with the investigation - the fact is, most hotel employees wouldn't open up to cops, but they tell her everything - so it's her public duty to help. Right? Right. And it has nothing to do with one Detective Bax Milligan. :-)

Bax is sick and tired of his job, the stupidity of people, New York. He's resigning in less then a month, and he plans to do it with grace. Unfortunately he caught a high profile case, and he needs all the help he can get, even if it's from a nosy, but extremely attractive, woman.

As I already said I liked both Mia and Bax. Mia is refreshing and fun, and Bax is a but grumpy, but a good man and a good cop, no matter what he says. I even didn't mind the fact that we have a civilian playing the sleuth. Most of the time, she played it safe, waited for the cavalry to come - just note I said most of the time.

I liked them together. They compliment each other perfectly. Not just their personalities, but their interest. They finally have someone to talk with, someone who understands them.

Unfortunately, the book dragged a bit for me. I even considered giving up, but I did want to see who do murderer was. I do have to say that I wasn't impressed with the suspense part of the book. It was simply to obvious.

My (and Mia's) Bax:



3 stars