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Heaven and Hell

Heaven and Hell - Kristen Ashley Kia Clementine is finally free. Not only is her abusive, cheating husband dead, but she collected his life insurance. Of course, she's also traumatized, not only because of the abuse, but learning that he and his mistress were planning to kill her so that they could collect the insurance - not cool at all. So she packs up and decides to make a tour of Europe.

She was enjoying herself at Lago di Como, when she sees Sampson Cooper, the pro football, ex-commando celebrity. Since she spent a lot of time internet stalking him, she developed quite a crush on him.


The strange thing - he seems to be attracted to her as well. Sometimes, fate seems to be on her side. :-)

So, the whirlwind romance begins.

They spend a lot of time together. Just walking together


Or taking boat rides on the lake


And they slowly fall in love.

Of course nothing can be so easy. It seems that the hit on her wasn't cancelled, which means that there's an assassin out there who wants her dead. That kinda breaks the mood. :-)

I liked the first half of the book a lot. The lake, Crete and Heartmeadow, Indiana (where does she get the town names Gnaw Bone, Carnal and now Heartmeadow? :-)) were damn near perfect. I like her friends (both old and new, especially Luci) and her family (sans her dead husband). Her parents are awesome, and so is her brother. I like Sam's mother and his friends as well. So basically, I like 99% of the characters. IMO, that's the thing Ms. Ashley writes the best, most of her characters are amazing.

And Memphis is an amazing dog, friendly to everyone, but it turn out, a good guard dog as well.


I like their romance, Sam's so patient and gentle, but doesn't let her hide from him or her feelings. Kia's so open and friendly and people simply can't help but love her.

But then came the second half. Sam started to annoy me to no end. All the secrets he keeps, the walls he put up. He expects complete honesty, but doesn't give it in return. I wanted to cheer when she left him. It got old fast.

I would really love to read Luci's story. She's great, and after everything she's been through she deserves her HEA.


3 stars