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Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux Amazing addition to the series. I have to admit that when I heard that Madeline Urban wouldn't be writing this series anymore I was in a pure state of panic (I calmed down a tiny bit when I read that Roux was writing Ty (I'm totally TEAM TY)). I love Ty and Zane, and I was afraid that things would change. Well, they did change, but IMO for the better.


The (really)short summary would go like this: Ty and Zane are charged with bringing Julian Cross to DC. Julian, being Julian (all of you who read Warrior's Cross know what I'm talking about), resists that motion. And tries to escape all the time, making it all that harder on Ty and Zane to do their job. But damn, it was fun.

I loved Ty and Zane's relationship. All the teasing, poking, making fun of each other, and then the other side, the pure love they have for each other. *sigh* To an outsider they would look like anything other than what they are - a couple in love. Even Julian, a man good at reading people was stunned when he realized it.

I like all the antagonism between Julian and Ty. Of course, anyone looking at them would understand immediately that the dislike stems from the fact that they are too alike, but Ty's reaction to that observation - hilarious.

As for that changes that I mentioned earlier, it's like this: the POV changes are far smoother, makes for a more pleasurable read. And then there's the fact that the mystery wasn't too important. In the first book, so much attention was given to it, but when the culprit was found I was like - really, all that for HIM?! But in here it was perfect. It just made more sense.

Let me see, what more did I like? Oh yeah, we get to see Deuce, Nick and some of the old gang. Not to mention Julian (I love that guy :D) and Cameron. :D

Can't wait for the next book - Stars & Stripes. It seems like we're finally going to meet Zane's family and revisit Ty's, and maybe they will admit to being in love? Well, I can only hope. :D