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Bachelor Cop

Bachelor Cop - Carolyn McSparren Helena Norcross is an English lit professor at the university.


She used to be, if not happy, then content with her life. And then she was raped, and everything changed. Her moronic husband left her, now she was alone with two children and she is jumping at shadows. She needs something to keep her going - hence the revenge plan.

Randy Railsback is a detective with the Cold Case Unit.


He also teaches a self-defense class for women. That's how he meets Helena. And despite his initial reserve, he feels attracted to her.

I liked Randy, he is basically a good guy, despite the (deserved) reputation of a womanizer. I liked him.

Helena was the problem. She is simply TSTL. The next bit it spoilerish, so: she hacked up a revenge plan. Learn how to fight, spruce yourself up and be a bait, and then when the rapist bites,kill him . That wouldn't be so bad if she had some police protection, but that would make the murder a bit harder to pull out. We are talking about a woman with children at home, who doesn't seem to get that that would put them in danger! She's just so TSTL. What she went trough is horrifying, but IMO, no excuse. So, basically, I hated her.

I have to admit, I really didn't guess the culprit. True, the focus wasn't so much on the investigation, but still it was kinda out of the blue.

The ending was a bit rushed, and I simply don't buy Helena's reaction.