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Mommy Said Goodbye

Mommy Said Goodbye - Janice Kay Johnson Such an amazing and emotional book, I loved it!

In a letter to the reader, at the beginning of the book, the author states:

As a writer and reader, I am fascinated less by the big dramatic scenes than I am by the aftermath. Someone survives a childhood trauma and most bystanders assume that the story is over. But is that really the end? I want to know what comes next.

I’m also fascinated by mystery, although like most of you, I really like to feel secure. The unknown is terrifying.

I completely agree with her, so often we see some catastrophe or tragedy on TV, and we sympathize, but rarely do we think about what happens after. This book deals with that question.

Craig Lofgren's wife disappeared almost two years ago.


Dealing with something like that is hard enough when the police doesn't think that you killed her, when they do, it becomes unbearable. It's bad enough they think he did, but as a result they never really tried hard enough to find her.

As a commercial airline pilot, he spends a lot of time away from home.


Raising his kids that way is hard, but when most of the people in town refuse to address you, it becomes a purgatory.

Robin McKinnon is Craig's son's teacher.


She was also a friend of Craig's wife. But when she sees the boy being so alone and angry at everyone, she knows that she has to help him.

In the beginning, she was wary of Craig, but as the time goes by, they become friends, and even warmer feelings develop. But with the cloud of suspicion hanging over Craig's head, they can't really give in to them.

We get to see an uglier side of living in a small town. Everyone declared Craig guilty (forget that innocent until proven otherwise), and closed ranks. By doing that, they didn't hurt just Craig, but his innocent children as well.

I like all of the kids, especially Brett (Craig's son).

I loved Craig, he's such a strong man, but with everything that's happened, he can't help but feel defeated. Robin is good for him, true in the beginning she was suspicious of him, but as soon as she got to know him, she knew he couldn't have done it.

Their romance is completely sweet and real. They knew they shouldn't have, but they still fell in love. *sigh*


5 stars