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Rock Chick Renegade

Rock Chick Renegade - Kristen Ashley Jules is an interesting heroine. She is a social worker who works at a shelter for kids who live on the streets. In the past year she grew attached to 3 of the boys - Park, Sniff and Roam. They are all special, but Park held a part of her heart. So when she finds him dead on the streets (bad drugs), she launches a vendetta against the drug dealers in Denver. You would've thought she would at least try to be stealthy, but no. It's a public secret what she does, and let me just say that driving around in a vintage red Camaro (which she named Hazel) isn't auspicious.

Her little vendetta gets her in contact with one Vance Ourey Crowe. Vance is one of Lee Nightingale's boys, and a real badass. Saying that Jules wants nothing to do with him would be a massive understatement, but once a member of Hot Bunch decides that he has found his woman, there's no changing his mind. :D

As I said Jules is pretty interesting (read wacky). She calls herself a Head Crackin’ Mamma Jamma which is damn weird if you ask me. She talks to her cat Boo, and what's worse, the cat actually talks back to her (with lots of meows of course, but still).

And then there's her inner Rottweiler, the one that protects her for pain by not letting her get close to anyone. That dog got annoying after a while.

Luckily, with lots of TLC from Vance, the mean Rottie turned into a cute pug puppy.

I loved Vance. He's an alpha male who knows what he wants and goes for it. He is also patient, which he sorely needs, seeing as how Jules can get. Protectiveness is one of his virtues as well. A typical Kristen Ashley hero. *sigh* And let's not forget incredibly sweet when he wants to be. Like when he sent her the roses for her birthday, knowing hom much they mean to her.

What stops this book from being a 5 star read is mostly Jules. I know that most of the people she loved died, and that she's scarred from loving someone and then loosing them, but the way she treated Vance sometimes was not good. And the poor guy didn't do a thing to deserve it. And all of hers: "We're breaking up!" started to annoy me to no end.

But even with that one flaw, it was still a good read. On to Rock Chick Revenge.


4.25 stars