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Four Kisses

Four Kisses - Bonnie Dee An emotional and sweet read!

The story is told through 4 encounters.

The first one is their first kiss when they were 13. Even then they were aware that they are from different worlds, but there was something thta set them apart from their peers, something that led to that first touch of lips.(The couple in the picture is a bit older, but I really like it)

The next one is Jen's prom. The divide is even greater now. She's a senior on her way to a good college, and Drake is surviving by selling pot. Definitely not a match made in heaven, but he is the one that saved the otherwise dismal prom night.

The third time, unfortunately is not so good.

Fast forward 4 years or so to the last one. And this time, there is a chance for a HEA.

I really like the story and the unusual way it is told. I was cheering for them and their love. Have to admit, there were moments when I had a tiniest amount of doubt that it could work out. But everything was perfect.

I like both Jen and Drake, she with her big plans for the future, a princess, and he a boy from the wrong side of the track, a quintessential bad boy. *sigh*


4.5 stars