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Finding Time (Marriage #1)

Finding Time (Marriage #1) - E.R. Pierce Eliza and Jett Prince have what looks like a perfect marriage. They're in love, they have four (almost :-)) perfect children, the world is theirs for taking. Of course, sometimes things aren't what they appear like. Those things are true, but taking care of four young children isn't easy. Eliza so immersed in the role of a mother, that she feels like she lost some part of herself. There is no more time for romance or even just to talk with her husband. And definitely no time for making love. And that has got to change.

The story is short,hot and pretty good. I like Eliza and I can see where she's coming from. Jett sounds like a lovely man, I just wish that we saw something from his POV. I liked it. ;-)


4 stars

P.S. It's free on Amazon today (May 2)