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About Last Night

About Last Night - Ruthie Knox Cath Talarico spends the time waiting for the train to show up to watch people.

She has some little stories about them, simply to pass the time. One of them is City, a well-dressed, handsome as sin, banker, in her own words:
...he was a Prince Charming in suit.

He probably had no idea that she existed, and the one night, after she got really drunk she ran into him, and things changed. She found out that beneath the slick image he presented to the world there's a sensitive artist in there.

For his part, Nev Chamberlain (AKA City), is charmed by Cath. There is something in her that drives him in, makes it impossible to resist. Of course, he needs to be really careful because Cath is incredibly skittish, but she's worth it.

I liked the book a lot. Nev is a great guy, who didn't give up on Cath no matter what. And therein lies the rub. Cath - mostly I liked her, but she became increasingly more annoying as the story went on. She has really good reasons for being the way she is, but sometimes I had trouble seeing what is it that Nev sees in her. But otherwise, the book was hard to give up on. All the ups and downs in their relationship kept driving me in. And both of them are real. Even Nev, with all his good attributes, had his flaws too.

I'm still not sure about the ending. The fight, the grand gesture, it simply wasn't what I expected, and I would've preferred if a bit less drama was involved, but then I never did like drama in my books. :D

All in all, a good read from Ruthie Knox, I will definitely be tracking (*cough*stalking*cough*) her for updates on future books. :D

*ARC received from NetGalley*