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Taking Shots

Taking Shots - Toni Aleo When I first read the summary of the book I was intrigued. Generally, I like reading sports romance, and the book received mostly good ratings. It stands to reason that I would like it, right? Wrong. I hated it. I'm going to try to explain my reasons calmly, but I doubt I'll pull it off.

Shae is a successful hockey player. He's handsome, rich, charming. True, he does have slight commitment issues, but the moment he sees Elli, he know she's different. He's used to skinny blond rink bunnies, and Elli's definitely not that. She's shy, not a size 2, and definitely not confident. But he wants her, badly. So he decides to woo her. I have to give it to him, he is incredibly stubborn and persistent.

And then we have Elli, who simply can't believe that someone like Shae could ever be interested in her. So she tries to resist (unsuccessfully). But all along the way she is looking to find something about him that will prove her theory that men are bastards. I hate her.

I rather liked the first third of the book, true Elli was irritating, but Shae was awesome. And then everything started to drag a bit, I believe that there are a lot of unnecessary parts. Cutting out some pieces would've made the book more interesting, and easier to read. Anyway, after the first third, Elli's behavior started to slowly deteriorate. But I still held up hope. Unfortunately, it only got worse and worse. My intention was to give the book 2.5 stars, and then the MISUNDERSTANDING occurred. Stupid Elli jumped to conclusion, refused to listen to any explanations and stormed off. The next couple of months she was miserable, not eating or sleeping, crying all the time, thinking of Shae all the time, AKA being pathetic. Of course, she refused to talk to Shae all along. Poor Shae was so miserable. What I don't understand is why he kept pinning for her. She certainly didn't deserve it.

There are some thing about the book that I liked. Mainly Shae. Shae is awesome and deserves someone much better than Elli. Although he does have a streak of melodrama in him, but nothing over the top. And then there's Harper, Elli's best friend. Her romance with Jakob is interesting, I wish we saw more of it.

Unfortunately, nothing could make me forget about Elli's behavior. I honestly wished her to die in a tragic accident, at least that way Shae could end up with someone who deserves him.


1.5 stars