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Falke's Peak

Falke's Peak  - Madison Layle, Anna Leigh Keaton All Dakota wants is to simply enjoy her vacation - unfortunately, since her friend's fiancee came with them, most of her plans are ruined. So she decides to go on a longer hike, all she needs is a guide.

The cabin in which they they stayed (of course it should be more rustic, but I liked the look of this one :D)

Enter the Falke brothers. Both Gunnar and Axel are attracted to her. Of course Axel's seduction does tend to go better since he's the only one in human form. Gunnar on the other hand:

I loved Dakota's interactions with Gunnar (while he was in cat form). So, so cute... :-)

After the last few books I read in which I couldn't buy the relationship, thankfully, here, it's completely realistic. From her being afraid of the big cat (nobody in their right mind would be all here kitty, kitty from the beginning), not simply jumping in bed with Axel right away, being a bit hesitant about the fact that they are shapeshifters:

Axel and Gunnar are good guys. True, it did take them a while to come after her, but they did come to their senses, after a not so small nudge from their fathers, but still... :D


4 stars