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Years - LaVyrle Spencer This won't be a review, more of a rant and an outpouring of emotions. And I'm not guaranteeing that it will be coherent.

The first half of the book was pretty good. Even with the immaturity of Lin, Teddy was a nice hero, and his family amazing. I was just feeling nice and smug that the hero and the heroine just got married everything was rosy and perfect, and then one damn disaster after another. The spoilers are pretty bad, just a FYI.

First Teddy's brother John (whom I loved) dies in a some sort of a blizzard. The story is that Teddy and John got caught in a carriage. After Teddy realized that they couldn't survive unless something drastic happens, he makes a course of action. He killed the horses and him and his brother crawled into their skin. Now, John (who was described as slow, but a generous and kind soul), was afraid of small spaces, so he crawled out and froze to death.

Then, Teddy's son Kristian decides to go to war. I was dreading the news that he died, but fortunately it didn't happen.

What did happen is Spanish influenza. It took 3 memebers of Teddy's family, two of which are quite prominent throughout the book. His mother, and one of his nieces, who was also Lin's student. By that point I was sobbing.

To tell you the truth I was slightly terrified of reading the book by that point, the author managed to kill off 4 people in 50 pages, but I persisted on, I wanted to know what happened to Kristian. Unfortunately, there is no news of him. We learn that the war is over, but no news about him. That was the moment when I damn near started screaming from frustration.

But, since the first half is OK, and I can't really say that I was unaffected by the book, the rating is as it is, but it would've been 4 if it weren't for the WHOLESALE SLAUGHTER in the last third of the book. And the last book I read from this author was Hummingbird which is much lighter and entertaining, but still emotional, going form that to this, not a good idea. I think I'll take a short brake from Ms. Spencer's books and reread The Bride - nice, relaxing and funny. I really need a book like that right now. *taking deep calming breaths*


2.5 stars