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The Prince (The Original Sinners)

The Prince (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz 5 stars


The book is incredible and amazing and lots of other great things!!! (Yes, I can't seem to restrain myself even a day after finishing the book.) :D

The Sinners:

Soren (my favorite)

As amazing as ever, we get to see more of his past, some of which is happy - his days at the Jesuit boarding school, the past he shared with Kingsley.


I have to admit he didn't really endear himself to me in the first two books, but now - let's just say that he's second on the list (of my favorite Sinners). We see what it is that made him the King of the Underworld today. And most of all, his feelings for Soren. There were times when he made me cry.


Unfortunately, Nora is the character that I liked the best in the first book. You see, the fact that I love Soren so much doesn't do her much good. She hurts him - repeatedly. But even then, she admits that she loves him. Confusing, but achingly real.


Out of the four main characters in this book I like him the least. Don't get me wrong, I do like him, but he simply can't shine as bright as Soren or Kingsley.


The book has three major plots. We have Soren&Kingsley in the past and in the present and we have Wes&Nora. While I liked all of them, I had to stop myself from skipping the Nora and Wes parts, they simply paled in comparison.

And the ending - I simply cannot believe it. Who ends a book with a cliffhanger like that? And the next book won't be out till summer!!!!! I know there were worse situations like withShadowfever, but still it will be a long wait.

But the best part, as ever, are the characters who grab your heartstrings and simply refuse to let go.

Now, I won't go crazy with excerpts (not sure how I can pick them so that there's no spoilers), but this one I have to share (in it we can see the awesomeness that is Soren):

“It’s a game we play. Pick a number, but you don’t know what you’re picking. Are you picking one lash or one hundred lashes? Are you picking one kiss or one hundred kisses? I picked one hundred.”

“He started to count…” Nora paused as she remembered the pain in her side, the blood on her tongue. Søren had gotten a cold wet washcloth and he gently dabbed her mouth. “He started to count the one hundred different things he loved about me.”

“Number one—he loves the way I laugh…all the time. And number seven—he loves the way I never answer my office phone like a normal person. And number fifty-eight—he loves the way my hair looks when I wear it pinned up.”

“I laughed at sixty-six. He loves the way my voice catches when I say his name while he’s inside me.”

“What was reason one hundred?” Wesley asked as water rolled down his cheek and dripped onto his clasped hands.

“One hundred. He loves that when he’s especially lonely for me, all he has to do is read one of my books. And he can hear my voice in the words I’ve written, hear it so clearly it’s as if I’m in the same room with him. I think if you asked me…I could tell you all one hundred reasons.”

And just one more:
“I am yours.” Kingsley slipped into French, the language they always spoke to each other during their most private mo¬ments. French was Kingsley’s first language, and he fell into it when tired, when weak, when at his most vulnerable. With others he used it as a weapon to disarm or a shield to deflect. With Søren, he spoke French in his moments of surrender. French was what he had spoken as a small child. With Søren, he became that defenseless yet again.

Je suis le vôtre. J’étais toujours le vôtre, monsieur.

I am yours. I have always been yours, sir.

“Oui. Tu es le mien.”

Yes, you are mine.

Kingsley froze, not able, not willing to move. For the first time in thirty years, Søren had called Kingsley his. He’d waited decades for this moment.

And now, I just have to state my ideal ending. There are some spoilers, and if you have anything to add please use them too. Whichever ending that leaves Soren and Kingsley together. You know when they are young they talked about a triad, a perfect woman that would complete them - a woman that sounds awfully like Nora. I hope that means that they will all be together, but as far as I'm concerned Nora can go to Wes if she prefers so, as long as Soren and Kingsley end up together, I really don't care how. Team Soren&Kingsley!!! :D

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