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The List

The List - Survivah

3.5 stars

This was really unsettling. Told from Isaac's perspective, it gives his insight into Stiles and Derek's relationship. And it's not pretty. It's dark.

Not that spoilerish, but I figure it's better to put it in tags:

It portrays Derek's possessiveness in a way that is far from ideal. Scratch that, it's downright abusive, I just wanted to yell at Stiles to get away.

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And this is a spoiler:

And I was just starting to hope, and then Derek turned Stiles and I almost started sobbing.

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The last line of the story, just about killed me:

Stiles will never be able to leave, the string is wrapped too tight.

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I didn't enjoy the story, but it made me think. And feel.

Objectively, the rating should be higher, but I just don't want to do it.