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Confessions of an Angry Girl

Confessions of an Angry Girl - Louise Rozett Rose Zarelli is one angry girl. After her father was killed in Iraq, her entire world seems different. She is starting high school, her older brother went to college, her mother is a zombie,her best friend wants to become a cheerleader (!!!) and yeah, her father died. That's too much stress for anyone to handle. And Rose is sure having problems. Throw in a cute boy who is throwing mixed signals, a jealous harpy that is after her, friends (or is that enemies) with whole sets of problems of their own, and you have an incredible mess.

Rose is a nice character, who showed strength when it was necessary, but still did things that put her in a bad light, some actions that I simply don't understand, and that didn't endear her to me. Nevertheless, I had to sympathize with her.

Other characters were portrayed realistically, that is to say, they are far from perfect. From Rose's mother, who shut down after her husband died, her brother who more or less ran away, her best friend who is anything but that... Even Jamie, the love interest isn't flawless. He is dating another girl and still kissing Rose. Naughty boy! My favorite character is actually Jamie's best friend Angelo. He's a happy and chatty guy, a bit too chatty, but there when Rose needed some cheering up. Kinda wish she had fallen for him. :P

Ultimately, this book shows a girl trying to overcome some pretty bad things in the best way she can. Unfortunately, it ends rather suddenly. Not much got resolved. I understand that it's supposed to be a trilogy, but we still have to wait almost a year to read the sequel doesn't leave me happy. I will definitely be reading it when it comes out.


3.5 stars

ARC received from NetGalley