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Running Scared (Love's Command, #1)

Running Scared (Love's Command, #1) - Billi Jean 2.5 stars

I read some great reviews for this books, and thought why not? I mean, there's a damsel in distress, an ex-Navy SEAL who is now a cowboy... It sounds delicious. Unfortunately it didn't deliver.

Lacey is in a lot of trouble. She witnessed a mob hit and is now in hiding. Not that it went well the last time. Four agents were killed when her cover was blown and she ended up in coma. That's how she found herself in a small town in a middle of nowhere. Her first day there she meets Russell Ryland. He is exactly her type, if only the timing is better.

Russell is enchanted by Lacey. She is everything he always wanted. Of course she doesn't seem to want to get involved, but he can convince her.

You know there's a difference between an alpha male bent on protection, and a guy with sex on his mind and some serious issues with control. I mean, nothing about him actually said protective, more insulting with his I've got to protect the silly little woman from hurting herself. He annoyed me to no end.

Lacey is better, but not much. I simply don't get that woman. Some of her thought process is totally beyond me.

Now, there were some good moments, and I did get through the book and even somewhat enjoyed it, but like I said some serious issues.

And I can't believe I'm saying this, but there was simply too much sex scenes. I was skimming them before I even got to the half of the book. Their answer to every problem: "Lets have sex and forget about everything else!" It gets old.

I did like Russell's SEAL buddies, and if the author writes their books I might be tempted to read them. That's all I can really say.