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All He Ever Desired

All He Ever Desired - Shannon Stacey 4.5 stars

A great contemporary romance!

Lauren Carpentner is satisfied with her life. She's free of her husband (not that he was all bad, bu the constant cheating wasn't nice), she has her loyal friends, her son (although he does let his hormones rule him a bit too much)... True, there's no man around, but who actually needs them? Right?

And then Ryan Kowalski walk back to town. Ryan, well he is a successful business owner who really doesn't want to come back to Whitford. You see, he has an unfortunate history with Lauren, and everything in town reminds him of it. But fate throws them together. And all of those old feelings rush back.

I really like both Ryan and Lauren. They are good people whom life didn't always treat right, but they manage to find happiness. Their relationship isn't perfect, but it's real and I buy that they will make it.

That doesn't mean that they are perfect - it seemed like Lauren was simply waiting for him to mess up to break up with him. Ryan has the sometimes annoying flaw of not wanting to face the difficulties in their relationship, but simply turns it into a joke - all that charm isn't always a good thing.

I like the other citizens of Whitford, even with all that gossip going round. :D

But my favorite part is the Kowalski family. They are amazing, especially when they are all in the same place - so entertaining. :P

ARC provided by Carina Press via NetGalley