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Foolish Games

Foolish Games - Leah Spiegel, Megan Summers 2.5 stars

A good love story ruined by the far from good "suspense" plot.

Joie's father has died recently and left her some cash and his van. Now, Joie has no idea what she wants to do with her life, so she decides to spend the summer with her two friends, Riley and Lizzie, "chasing" a band. A band whose singer is one J.T. Hawkins.

Hawkins is cynical, tortured, disillusioned and in a serious need for inspiration. His band is not doing so well, and he simply can't make himself write any songs. It seems that since his brother's death nothing can go the way it should. And then he meets Joie. And the war starts.

He tweets something not so complementary about her. She writes a slightly insulting blog post about him. And so on and so fort.

I really liked that part of the book. The tension and chemistry between them was amazing. The insults were just a cover for their true emotions. And when they started to open up to each other - awesome.

Unfortunately, a stalker showed up. And suddenly, Joie become the embodiment of TSTL heroine. I mean, the guy tries to abduct her and shoots at her, and she has the bright idea to try and trap him. Really?

I might have been able to come to terms with it and give the book a higher rating (that the romance itself deserves), if it weren't for the grand finale. It was simply to ridiculous for words. And it totally killed my enjoyment of the book. I'm too irritated right now to completely explain everything that is wrong with it, but take my word for it - ridiculous.

There were some other slight faults with the characters (her refusal to acknowledge their relationship for example), but it wouldn't have bothered me too much. As I said, the suspense is the reason for the low rating.

Anyway, it seems like this is the first book in the series. I might pick up the next book, simply because this one showed such promise.