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Saddled and Spurred

Saddled and Spurred - Lorelei James 4 stars

Harper Masterson needs a job. Unfortunately, the only one available is the ranch-hand. Now, to some people that would be the norm, but Harper has some issues:

1. she never really worked on a ranch so she doesn't exactly know what to do (of course, she is a fast learner so that shouldn't be a problem)

2.fainting goats, enough said (I loved that scene, it was so funny)
3. and the most important thing - her new boss, Bran.

Bran does need help with his ranch, but being stuck with Harper is not his idea of a good time. The job is difficult, and what could a former beauty queen know of hard work.

I can only say that both of them were wrong.

I like Harper and Bran a lot. And especially like the way they learned each other slowly. How Bran taught Harper everything she needs, how they bonded (and not through sex, which came later on in the story).

There were some moments when I wasn't feeling too charitable to either of them. They are both prideful, stubborn and prone to hasty conclusions. But, the author still managed to convince me that what they have is the real deal and that they will last. And isn't that everything we can ask for? :D