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Seth and David

Seth and David  - L.B. Gregg 2.5 stars

Seth Weston wasn't thrilled to discover that his regular masseuse isn't available. He's even less thrilled with the substitute - David Cooke. David appears to be everything Seth isn't, you know - hemp pants, tattoos and toe rings. But he has incredibly talented hands. His skills are literally orgasmic.

So when Seth sees him again he can't help but approach him. However, David doesn't seem too keen for them to date.

David wants no complications right now - and Seth and his adorable niece are surely one. But he can't resist Seth.

A decent enough story, but not too memorable. Don't get me wrong, I do like the characters. Seth, a typical businessman, whose entire life was turned upside down with his sister's death, and of course, becoming a parent in those circumstances. And then there's David. A seemingly man with no ambition, working two low-pay jobs, a man close to his (really large) family. They were both good people, but their romance didn't really wow me.

There was space for improvement - the entire "suspense" subplot was flat and pretty obvious, it seemed as if it was put there simply to provide some excitement (it didn't really succeed). There wasn't enough time dedicated to the romance itself.

But, the characters did show a lot of promise, which means that I will probably pick up a book by this author in the future...

ARC provided by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.