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The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume

The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume - Lisa Rumsey Harris Now usually, I would put the rating of the book at the beginning. But this time, I'll try to put my opinion in words first, because the book confuses me, greatly, and I hope that I can come to terms with it all by writing a review.

Our heroine, Treasure Blume is an unusual woman. You see, she has a gift (or a curse, depends how you look at it) - everybody feels an instant dislike for her the moment they see her (now I can't get how it can be a gift, but whatever). That makes her life extremely hard, and not only in the romantic sense. Try finding a job, when every person that interviews you for a position hates you. But, she finally found someone desperate enough to actually hire her. And being a teacher is what she wants to do, so more the joy to her.

But things don't start well. Not only do all the other teachers dislike her, but there's also the autocratic secretary that pretty much runs the school who really dislikes her. Not to mention, there's all the kids and, of course, their parents. One of them is Dennis Cameron, the lunch lady.

Dennis has problems of his own. He's a single parent living his mother who is dying of cancer. Not to mention that he went from a sous chef in a four star restaurant to a lunch lady in not so great part of town. He wants nothing to do with his daughter's teacher, but as the time goes by he starts to learn things about Treasure, things that makes him like her.

Now, the harder part - my opinion. After reading the first chapter I was thrilled, it was purely amazing and it hooked me. But, after that things got weird. Really, really weird. The characters, the writing - everything. While the book did hold my interest, it wasn't easy for me to read it. There were moments were I was so irritated by everything I wanted to simply DNF it. But then, something happened, and I was hooked again.

The characters are interesting, not only Treasure and Dennis, but Treasure's grandmother, Dennis' daughter and plethora of other people that make their lives. They all had their moments of pure awesomeness, but then there were moments where I was all "What the hell was that?".

At the end, there is one thing I can say with certainty - the book didn't leave me unaffected. So, the final rating:

3 stars