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Killing Time

Killing Time - Cindy Gerard 3.5 stars

After reading numerous 5 stars reviews my friends wrote, I was really intrigued about this book. Lately, I'm not a big fan of Romantic Suspense books with black ops agents. You know, all the running around in foreign countries, hiding from terrorists. Give me a good sadistic killer on the loose, hot cops searching for him and I'm happy as a clam. But, I made an exception, thinking there's gotta be something to it. And there was, but tastes do differ. Anyway, what is it all about?

Mike Brown can't believe he fell for it. He let his guard down around a beautiful woman and woke up handcuffed to the bed. Like that's not bad enough, the crazy woman is picking on old wounds, accusing him of betraying his country. Now, he does feel guilty about certain things, but she is still way off line. If only he could get free...

Eva Salinas hates Mike. After all, he is the reason she's became a widow. But she's got to admit that his story makes sense (unfortunately). That means that somebody high in the Navy ranks buried the truth. And she's just itching to uncover it all. The revenge will be hers.

Now all they have to do is to catch the bad guy, and of course, stay alive long enough to celebrate it.

I really like Mike. He is the amazing alpha, black ops, I know fifty ways to kill you with a spoon kind of guy. But he does have the gentler side that he doesn't show often. For the last eight years he has been miserable, trying to ignore the guilt, and now Eva shows up offering him a chance at redemption.

Eva is a swell character. She is tough and strong, and willing to fight for what's right.

Neither of them is ready for a relationship, and yet resisting each other is near impossible.

I like them as a couple, but I have hard time buying that they fell in love. I know, I know the adrenaline and near dying brought them closer together, but it's not all that satisfying to me.

Other than that, I have no real misgivings with the book, it's just that my general dislike of the genre made it hard to actually enjoy the book. I did enjoy the genre earlier (I have fond memories of Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters), but I kind of grew out of it.

Putting that aside, the book is truly well written. All of the characters are amazing, and the future heroes of this series are incredibly yummy.

I would honestly recommend the book to readers who love this genre.

ARC received from the publisher via Edelweiss.