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Rules Of Prey

Rules Of Prey - John Sandford 5 stars

I really love reading pure suspense books (not romantic suspense), it was my favorite genre before I got sucked in by romance books. So, I decided to try this series, as a change of pace. Good decision.

Right now, I'm up to book seven, and I liked (a lot) every single one of those books.

Lucas Davenport is an incredible hero. A cop and a game designer, he is also wickedly smart, rich (drives a Ferrari around). While his attitude towards relationships is not something I find all that great, somehow he still managed to completely draw me in. Don't get me wrong, he loves smart, strong women and honestly respects them, but has slight issues with commitment (nothing new there). And I love how he evolves throughout the series.

The suspense plot in books is well developed, I was on the edge of my seat every single time. Some of them focus more on the thriller and some on the mystery part, but it works.

All in all, a series every suspense reader should try out.