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Four Friends

Four Friends - Robyn Carr 4.5 stars

I have to admit that it took me a while to actually start this book. Just wasn't in the mood for it I guess, but once I did make it through the fist chapter I could hardly put it down.

Anyway, this is a story of four friends:

Gerri always considered her life to be happy, and other than her work, smooth sailing. And then she found out her husband had an affair six years ago, and it seems so fragile, her life, kids, and especially marriage.

Andy, Andy hasn't had much luck with men. After 2 failed marriages and four boyfriends, she still didn't meet one that would stick by her side. But this second divorce is taking its toll. The only one who makes it seem better is her very-ordinary looking contractor.

Then there's Sonja. Sonja's always been into New Age stuff, but she never realized how much people minded it. Having her husband walk out because he couldn't stand it anymore was a nasty wake up call.

And lastly, there's BJ the silent new neighbor. She's got secrets. Bad ones. But she never hesitated to step in when she thought she could help.

I liked all of them, but their friendship is what makes them shine. Through all the bad stuff, through their lives falling apart, they managed to maintain it.

But my favorite story line was Gerri. Her husband, Phil, her children all of it. Well, her and Andy. I just love Bob (the contractor).

It was gratifying seeing the four strong women find their way in a dark period of their lives. Strongly recommended.

I'm not a big reader of Women's Fiction, but there's something about this book that made it impossible for me not to like it.

ARC received from Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.