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Game Theory (Fae Tales Verse, #1)

Game Theory (Fae Tales Verse, #1) - Pia Foxhall 4.5 stars

This won't be much of a review, but I just have to gush a bit. :-)

I loved this!

The world, the characters, everything. Especially Augus and Gwyn. *sigh*

True, it is a bit confusing at the beginning, since there is a prequel that explains some of the background (the prequel is Legend of the Guardians fanfic, but this is mostly original characters; in fact the author is working on making this completely original). But, things get cleared up soon. And then it becomes amazing!!!! :-)

Highly recommended! But, before going into this, do read the warnings on AO3. The author is pretty good in listing all of the possible triggers.