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Shameless Playboy (Bad Blood Collection)

Shameless Playboy (Bad Blood Collection) - Caitlin Crews Liked it better than the first book.

Lucas is a great hero, who hides everything beneath a well developed mask of a shameless playboy. Like all the Wolfe children he has some serious scars from his childhood. After an argument with his brother Jacob, he decides to do something with his life, or try to anyway, so he finds a job with the company that used to be his fathers. There he meets Grace.

After some unfortunate experience when she was in high school, she decided not to let emotions overwhelm her ever again. Until the moment Lucas sauntered in her life she was doing okay. She tries really hard to resist him , but she was mostly fighting herself along the way, not him.

I loved them as a couple, loved the way that Grace managed to see beneath his facade, and the way she accepted him, scars and all. Loved their banter as well.


5 stars.