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The Man She Loves To Hate

The Man She Loves To Hate - Kelly Hunter Cole Reese and Jolie Tanner have an unfortunate history. Cole's father and Jolie's mother had a long term affair that everyone in their town was aware of. It didn't help that Cole's mother did everything in her power to make things difficult for Jolie.

So when Jolie hears she'll be sharing a gondola ride down the mountain with Cole she is less than thrilled. It would've been bearable if it weren't from the avalanche and the snowstorm. It's one thing to stay civilized and polite during a ten minute ride and a totally different story when you're stranded together and have to share body heat so you could stay warm. With close proximity sparks come along. And they are hard to resist.

Cole spent most of his life trying to prove that he's not his father. It really doesn't help he fell for the daughter of his father's mistress. He's a bit self-centered and compromise isn't something he understands, but he's also patient and gentle and willing to fight for something, or someone, he wants.

The only thing Jolie wants to do is to get away from all the people that know of her mother's relationship. Don't get me wrong she loves her mother, but sometimes she simply doesn't understand her choices. And then she fell in love with Cole. And she understood.

I really liked Jolie. Even with her fears and the fact she left Cole alone to fight dragons, she was willing to step back and take a good look at her life. I love the way she came to the conclusion that Cole is worth it. Her pictures and her thoughts while she painted them made me cry.


5 stars

*ARC received form NetGalley*