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The Bravo Bachelor (Silhouette Special Edition)

The Bravo Bachelor (Silhouette Special Edition) - Christine Rimmer Gabe came to try to convince Mary to sell her land to Bravos so that they could build houses there. The last thing he expected was for Mary to go into labor, or that he will help her get through it. And then things got even more complicated when they got in too deep, they started to care for each other, and then they fell in love.

Gabe comes from a wealthy family. He's great with people, with women particularly. He has some commitment issues, but not falling for Mary and little Ginny was beyond him. I love the way he is with Ginny. But the thing that impressed me the most that he accepted that he had feelings for Mary from the start, he didn't spend a lot of time fighting it. He was thoughtful and generous and close to perfect (when you don't take into account the already mentioned commitment issues).

Mary loved her first husband, but this thing she has with Gabe is something more, something even more wonderful than what she had. What are the odds that she will meet someone at that point of time. Someone wonderful with whom she could fall in love so easily. In the begining she was afraid of starting something with Gabe, but she got over it pretty quick.

I liked the story. Gabe and Mary are a great couple. I love that they fell in love slowly, but there's also the way that it didn't end with "I love you", it shows that love isn't always enough, that sometimes we have to work for HEAs.

The only negative thing is the abrupt ending. I would've loved to see her meet his family, or at least a that they could talk a bit more or something.


4.5 stars.