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Dream Date with the Millionaire

Dream Date with the Millionaire - Melissa McClone Dani Bennett's life is not turning out as she hoped. She was fired from a good job, now she's forced to work for a pretty sleazy online dating site. And to top it all her boss expects her to spy for a rival site.


And that's how she met Bryce Delaney. Bryce is the owner of said rival site. He needs to find out what is it that Dani is hiding. And a date is an ideal opportunity for that.


What neither of them expected is to fall in love.

I had some serious issues with the book. First of all, I find the plot ridiculous (it might be because I've been reading some pretty heavy SuperRomance books, but still) - the whole spying on each other thing was never my favorite (all the lying all the time), but this time it's just over the top - it's a matchmaking site, not a state secret people!

As for the characters - Dani was annoying as hell. She spent a lot of time whining how she hates her job, I do understand that she has no choice and that she needs it, but I don't have to read about it over and over again.

Bryce is a bit better, but too naive. He believes in his site and matchmaking, which is great, but then he actually believes that every person that signed up is looking for a soul-mate. Really? Other than that he was just too bland and unmemorable.

And I don't get how they actually managed to fall in love.

All in all, I couldn't like the book, no matter how hard I tried. I actually skimmed the last third of the book, I was just too irritated with everything to read it properly.