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Stormwalker - Allyson James Wow.

The book was pretty great. For anyone expecting a paranormal romance it would be a miss, but for an UF it's terrific.

Janet, our heroine, is a Stormwalker (she can control the storms), whose mother happens to be a Beneath (think hell) goddess. She comes to Magellan mainly to confront her. Also, she is looking for Amy, a woman that went missing a year ago, and at the same time decides to renovate a broken-down hotel. A busy girl Janet. Like that isn't enough her mysterious ex-boyfriend Mick shows up.

He is so yummy. He's an all powerful being, and since he's in love with Janet, he came to help her with her suicidal quest. Of course, just because of all that power he is incredibly protective and unwilling to share his secrets with anyone. That is the reason why Janet left him in the first place.

I like the supporting characters. Coyote, Nash, Maya (I do hope that Maya and Nash work it out, I like them as a couple). Oh yeah, the magic mirror is cool as well.

Coyote - the god who likes sex. He likes Janet, and would be terribly sorry if he had to kill her (his words), but still helps her when necessary.

Nash the skeptic cop, who could be a big asset in the war, and IMO still in love with Maya. Even though he left her, and got engaged with Amy, the good girl. I like the way he and Janet argue all the time. :)

Maya, who still loves him, and does some crazy stuff in order to protect him. She's feisty and not a calming influence. I like, and since she is becoming Janet's friend we will be seeing more of her.

All in all a really good beginning to the series. On to Firewalker.


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