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Master of Shadows

Master of Shadows - Angela Knight This is one of the stories form the Magaverse series I was really looking forward to. Seeing both Belle and Tristan through the books made me curious about their HEA. And I was not disappointed.

Belle and Tristan are both good characters, I rather liked them. Throughout the book, they started to fall for each other, while fighting evil at the same time. The forced proximity of being partners is the reason they became lovers in the first place. Before that they were doing whatever they could to stay away from each other. Belle's opinion of Tristan was colored by his playboy status, and Tristan didn't think highly of her court seducer job.

Both of them had issues that stem from their past. Belle was forced to kill some of her lovers when they went blood mad after receiving their gifts. And Tristan is still hurting from Isolde's betrayal (a nice twist of the legend).

I like the fact that there is a story arc that spreads through the books. But it seems like the people of Magaverse just can't seem to catch a break. They managed to fight off one ancient enemy (the first arc), and now there's someone else who's after them.

Anyway, a good book, a one I enjoyed reading. It's even better if you compare it to the previous book in the series which was pretty weird and not to my taste.


4 stars