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The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing - Jill Shalvis Better than the first book.

Tara, the Steel Magnolia, decided to change her life for the better, she divorced her husband, moved to Lucky Harbor, and found a job as a cook, the one thing she really likes. But she couldn't escape her past, In this case it was her summer love from when she was 17, Ford. Of course everything gets even more complicated when her ex shows up, and when the residents of Lucky Harbor decide to meddle.

Ford wants Tara back. He is patiently trying to seduce her into loving him, and he's not above using their teenage love to do so.

I tend to see reunion stories as bittersweet filled with what ifs. What if we stayed together? What if we fought for our love? This is not the case here. They both acknowledge that they weren't ready for a serious relationship.

Back to present. Tara did avoid Ford for the past six months, and she does it now from time to time, but she doesn't use Logan, her ex, a big plus.

I like Tara's sisters and all the townspeople. We now know who Chloe's hero is (her book is Head Over Heels and it's out in December).

The way Tara and Ford's relationship with their daughter Mia develop is great. The way they begin to trust and love each other is sigh worthy.


5 stars.