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A Baby For Emily (Silhouette Special Edition #1466)

A Baby For Emily (Silhouette Special Edition #1466) - Ginna Gray The book was great and it would've been a 5 star if not for Emily's behavior at the end.

Emily's had quite a few shock in her life lately. She finally managed to get pregnant, then her husband died in a fire with his mistress and as the icing on the cake she found out that Keith (the lying, cheating husband) spent all of the money leaving her with debts. Luckily, there's Dillon, her brother-in-law, to help her deal with everything. I like the fact that she wanted to succed on her own, she refused to take his money and let him take care of her. After spending the last 7 years with a man who never let her do anything on her own she needs to know she can take care of herself. It doesn't help that there's just something about Dillon that rubs her the wrong way.

Dillon was in love with his brother's wife for the last seven years. By trying to cover up his feelings, he shut himself down when he was with Emily leaving her believing he doesn't approve of her. Dillon is a great guy, patient, loving but still respects Emily and her opinions.

Now, the only thing he did wrong was not telling her the truth that he was the father of the baby, but I kind of understand him. He definitely should have admitted the truth, but he was so scared that she will hate him, and in part that it will harm her pregnancy.

But it was Emily's reaction that bothered me the most. She was really upset when she heard and she had every right, but she should have listened to Dillon when she calmed down. But that's too reasonable. What she did is pack her thing and leave with her baby not telling Dillon where she went. He was terrifed, not knowing where she was, if she and the baby he loved so much were OK.

And the ending itself - she went from hating and not willing to listen to "I love you" just like that. And it would've been nice if Dillon was the one to explain everything, not Gert.


4 stars.