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One Stormy Night (Silhouette Intimate Moments)

One Stormy Night (Silhouette Intimate Moments) - Marilyn Pappano Jessica Randal is willing to do anything to help her twin sister expose her husband for the evil and corrupt man he is. Even if it means pretending to be Jennifer so that she could look for evidence. The only thing that could mess up her plans - falling for Mitch Lassiter, the Taylor's (evil husband) friend and a deputy in the town.

Mitch knows that Jessica is hiding something, but he can't make her trust him. No wonder, she lived with Taylor for three years, but that doesn't stop him from wishing otherwise.

Mitch's main problem is that he thinks that Jessica is married (since he's an illegitimate son of a man who had 3 mistresses in addition to his wife). It took him a while to come to terms with that. I like the fact that he didn't just throw away his principles, he gave in after he realized he was in love.

Jessica wants to trust Mitch, but her sister's sad story made her wary. The best thing would of course be to stay away from him, but that's impossible.

I liked the story, although I would've liked to see more of their HEA. It seems like they went to bed, and then the entire suspense plot finished and in the end the epilogue didn't seem enough.

But I'm curious about Mitch's half-brothers. I will try their stories. Eventually. :-)


3.5 stars