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Angel's Rest

Angel's Rest - Emily March Our hero, Gabe hasn't had it easy. He was captured while he was working or CIA(?), then he had to change his identity so he lost his brothers, and later one lost his wife and son. He came to Eternity Springs to heal. In the begining of the book he is really depressed he tried to commit suicide, but then he meets a dog, and a woman, and he is slowly drawn into the world of living. He tries to resist Nic, but after a surprise development he is forced into proximity with her. He also has to face his demons. He is still mourning his wife Jenn, and feels guilty when he is attracted to Nic. Gabe was an OK hero up to a point, but when he walked out on her, and left her alone to deal with possible loss I wanted to kill him (I know that the memories were riding him hard, but it still doesn't justify his actions) .

Nic, a small town vet, is immensely attracted to Gabe, and is slowly falling in love with him. She is aware that it won't be easy and that his baggage is overwhelming, but is willing to try to deal with. She put up with him for quite some time before he left her. Now at that point I'm really glad she kicked him out. He so deserved it. But he kind of managed to make up for it I actually got teary when the nursery was described.

I like the town of Eternity Springs, and the supporting characters. Sarah, Sage, Celeste. It would be fun if we could get a story about Bear, the mountain man, & the rocket scientist that worked for NASA, that would be a fascinating read. :)

It nice that the story is stretched over a couple of months, and not crammed in a couple of days.

The only reason the book didn't get 5 stars is Gabe, I didn't particularly like him. And it would've been nice to see the Callahan family reunion (I did read A Callahan Carol but it still didn't satisfy me, it was weird).


3.5 stars.