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The Proposition

The Proposition - Judith Ivory Summary:

No man, gentleman or otherwise, has ever looked at Lady Edwina Bollash the way the brash, handsome man standing before her is doing now. Edwina has accepted the challenge to transform incorrigible Mick Tremore into a gentleman in just six weeks. And although the linguist is sure she can rise to the task, she isn't at all certain she won't swoon under his frankly sensuous gaze before her job is done.

Mick has lived outside of London society long enough to know that appearances can be deceiving. Edwina might look all buttoned up-the perfect English lady-but there is unleashed passion existing just below her placid facade (not to mention a great pair of legs!). And as she prepares him to take his place in society, Mick prepares Edwina to take her place in his heart...and in his bed.

An amazing book with a far from common plot.

I adore Mick - he wasn't raised as a gentleman, but he has all the qualities of a true one - he's gentle, patient, smart, generous... His view of the world is fascinating.

Edwina is a spinster unused to men wanting her - and yet there's this ratcatcher that turns her world upside down. She has some serious issues, mainly her desire to run everything, she's insecure, but to Mick she's perfect. My favorite thing about her: she loved Mick as he was - not the gentleman she created, but the man inside, And yeah, her willingness to marry him regardless of his occupation made me love her. :-)

There were some small imperfections in the book - there was a time in the middle of the book when it was a bit lagging (the part when they're in the pub), but mostly the perfect ending. I know it's a romance and all, but it was just too damn perfect - I would've preferred a more realistic conclusion. Or maybe just a bit less abrupt.


4.5 stars