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High-Powered, Hot-Blooded ( Man of The Month Series)

High-Powered, Hot-Blooded ( Man of The Month Series) - Susan Mallery Duncan Patrick has been voted the meanest CEO for a couple years in a row. I wonder how bad you have to be to get that calling? Anyway, the only way to get his board members of his back is to find someone to boost his image. And who better than a kindergarten teacher?

Annie would do anything to save her brother even if it meant playing a part of Duncan's devoted girlfriend. But the biggest problem is when the acting becomes reality and she starts falling for Duncan. Beneath that Scrooge mask there's a generous man.

Duncan is leery of women and relationships. His ex-wife did quite a number on him. But Annie is just so good and giving that he simply can't resist her. From the beginning he treated her with respect. He did doubt her a time or two, but he was never intentionally mean and for once there was no mention of revenge of any kind.

I love the stories in which the hero is grouchy, but you see him melt and become more human as the story progresses. Duncan, with some help from Annie, came to realize that shutting himself of, and being mean and a dictator isn't always the best solution.

I do realize that the middle of July isn't the time of the year best suited for a Christmas themed book, but you won't be sorry if you do read it.


5 stars