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A Mistake, a Prince and a Pregnancy

A Mistake, a Prince and a Pregnancy - Maisey Yates Alison is a career woman who is deathly afraid of relationship. She decided to get pregnant artificially. Everything would have gone splendidly if there wasn't a mix-up at the clinic, and now she is carrying Maximo's child. She went to let him know about it, but she didn't expect his reaction to the news. He expects her to marry him so that they could raise the child together.

Prince Maximo Rossi has given up any hope of having a wife and children after his (IMO) disastrous marriage. His honour is not the only reason he wants to marry Alison. He wants his child. But he has problems accepting the fact that he's falling for her. But he still doesn't lash out which is a good thing.

I like how Alison didn't just bow to Maximo's wishes. She considered every aspect and only when she was certain it was the best thing for her child, she agreed to marry him. We also have Maximo who let her see not only the prince, but the man inside as well.

As long as you don't consider the impossibility of the plot, the story is pretty good, but not good enough for 5 stars. I also had a small problem with Maximo, I didn't like him much, don't get me wrong he was okay, but nothing special.


3.75 stars.