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Once More a Family

Once More a Family - Paula Detmer Riggs Grady and Ria had a nice marriage and a son, Jimmy, they loved so much, and then something went horribly wrong. Their son was kidnapped and then their marriage broke from the strain. Two years later, Grady finally found their son and psychologists think he needs his parents to be togetherso that he could recover from the emotional scarring.

Grady is a great guy who spent his entire life trying to prove that he’s good enough, that he’s better than his brothers. But in the end that drive is guilty for him missing a lot important moments of his son’s life. He still feels the guilt. Guilt is still his problem. But he was great at the beginning, fighting to get Ria back, not hiding his feeling. And his patience with Jimmy is astounding. He is the one responsible for Jimmy’s “recovery”. He did have a moment of stupidity, mainly because of the already mentioned guilt, but he’s still good.

Ria is a great mother who, 3 years ago, had a great relationship with her son. But this Jimmy, the sullen, uncooperative boy isn’t like he the boy that was taken from her. She tries hard to make him remember, and so we come to the thing that bothered me the most about this book. She kept comparing this Jimmy to the one from the past, wishing for him to be the boy he was. Life changed him, and even though kids are resilient, he can’t just miraculously become the happy child he was.

Near the beginning there were a couple of scenes from Jimmy’s POV, and I loved it. I got to see what he’s thinking, the way he’s so scared to trust in something good, in the love that both Grady and Ria offer. But thanks to the patience of his parents his turnaround after he remembered his kidnapping was believable


3.5 stars.