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The Blonde Bomb Tech

The Blonde Bomb Tech - Lara Santiago The book is far better than I expected when I started it. I was expecting a short story with minimum attention paid to the suspense part, what I got is a full length novel with not only a good love story, but with an OK suspense plot.

Sabrina Morgan is a bomb tech who, until now, had the perfect record of disabling every bomb she came into contact. And then she failed twice in a week. What are the odds? She knows that there's something wrong.

After the first bomb blew up, she met a handsome firefighter Jake. Well met is a euphemism. Their first meeting (hard, lean, muscular body AKA Jake):

Nine…Run Faster!!
Eight…You better move your butt!!!
Seven…Where the hell is the minimum safe distance barrier?
Six…Thank God, there’s the perimeter. Jump for it.
Five…Who’s that in the way?
Four…Who cares! Tackle him.
Three…Damn! Hard, lean, muscular body under me.
Two…Whoa! Hard, lean, muscular body over me.

Sabrina's childhood was traumatic. Her parents were killed when she was 3 and she spent the next fifteen years in an orphanage. Then her fiancee of 3 years left her because she can't have kids. After that she started shutting everybody off, not letting anyone come near, especially in a romantic way. And then she met Jake.

Jake is a guy whose childhood was pretty idyllic. His parents are still together, he has 5 siblings, most of whom are already married with children of their own. He wants a family, and Sabrina is the first woman with whom he can imagine a lifetime together. Of course she is skittish and there's a mad bomber who's fixated on her, but she definitely the one.

Their relationship isn't perfect, mainly because of Sabrina's misgivings, bit it's real and good. I liked them.

The suspense plot is the problem. While it's thought out and makes sense, it still bothered me. The culprit was easy to guess (even if there was another character that fit the bill, but he was too obvious, so it couldn't have been him) and the investigation, at least for me, not interesting enough, I didn't skip those parts but I was tempted.


3.5 stars