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Lord of the Vampires

Lord of the Vampires - Gena Showalter Nicolai is a slave, his past gone, only the thirst for revenge remaining. Well, and the desire to kill the princesses that tortured and used him for years. But to escape his prison he needs help. Help that comes in shape of a human woman, a scientist that researches his kind. But the moment he sees her, his planes change. There's no way he could sacrifice her life in exchange for his freedom. The best laid plans...

Jane is incredibly surprised to find herself in a strange bedroom with people calling her princess Odette. She just knows it has something to do with the mysterious book and the enticing man she keeps dreaming of. When she realizes what kind of life he's been living she knows she has to save them. And then there's that connection between them...

I like Nicolai and his whole "Mine! You're mine!" attitude. I've always liked the predestined mates plot, and then there's our hero with the animal in him screaming that Jane is his, that he should protect her. He does have some violent mood swings - from homicidal to gentle lover, and a lot of his conversations include short sentences where every third word was "Mine", but it worked for me.

Jane isn't a fainting damsel waiting for her prince to save her. She knows how to protect herself and does that a few times. She had to learn to, since her whole family died in a car accident that almost crippled her.

The book was good, but it took me a while to place everything and to understand the world. I would've also liked to see more of their HEA. I know that not everything can be resolved since there are three more books in the series, but there was just something missing.

I am curious about Nicolai's siblings and their stories. I will definitely look for those books.


3.5 stars

*ARC received from NetGalley*