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Tortured Rake (Bad Blood #1)

Tortured Rake (Bad Blood #1) - Sarah Morgan A good start to the Bad Blood Collection.

Nathaniel is a good, and as the title say, tortured hero. His childhood was horrible, and his father was a real monster. Now, he's an successful actor, voted many times as the Sexiest Man Alive. But he spends all of his time acting, playing the role of Nathaniel Wolfe, the famous actor, and not being the man. He mostly manages to fool people, but Katie is much harder to deceive.

Katie is a costume designer, and gets involved with Nathaniel accidentally. She has many issues with her body, mostly because her sister is a model, and in comparison, to many people, she is less everything than her sister. She is so open and honest, sometimes to honest, and she manages to get past the wall he built around himself.

The premise is highly unbelievable. You just met a guy, and you go away with him to a private island across the Atlantic. But when you go past that, it's a really good story.

The Wolfe family is fascinating, Jacob especially, what he must have gone through *sigh*.


4.5 stars.