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The Illegitimate Tycoon

The Illegitimate Tycoon - Janette Kenny Rafael - the illegimate son of William Wolfe has done good for himself. He's a billionaire with his own company, he is married to a beautiful woman he loves. But he is unsatisfied with the fact that they spent the last year working and almost not seeing each other. He wants a family, children. And he wants his wife not to work but stay at home and take care of them. Now, since he spent his childood watching his mother work herself into the ground so that they could survive, that can make sense.

Leila is a famous supermodel. After a teenage experience with anorexia she tries to stay on top of it. But she is petrified that the pregnancy would ultimately kill her (one of her friends died when she relapsed during her pregnancy). She wants children desperately, but the fear is also strong.

Rafael & Leila had been married for over 5 years and their marriage is a happy one. When they actually get to see each other of course. What I didn't understand is Leila's reaction when Rafael tells her that he loves her at the end of the book. He calls her my love throughout the book, and she acts as if that's some great surprise.

Leila is a really irritating character. She works a lot so that she could have enough money for her free clinic, but when Rafael offers money she refuses. OK, in the beging it wasn't that was okay, but later when her pregnancy is high-risk, and she had a miscarriage already, and she still insist on working. There were a few more instances when I wanted to slap her, but that was the worst.

Rafael is also way too overprotecting and overbearing, and didn't like him much either.

And one other thing, he never really talked to her about his childhood, she shared some of hers, but he still kept it to himself. We learn of it through his recollections. I mean that had great influence on him, and it would've been nice if they actually talked.


1.5 stars.