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Three Times a Bridesmaid...

Three Times a Bridesmaid... - Nicola Marsh Eve desperately needs a date for her friend's wedding. And fate showed her Bryce, the man who broke her teenage heart. And even when they agreed it's only business, they started to fall for each other.

I had some problems with both Eve & Bryce. Okay, a lot of people are insecure about their looks, but Eve took it to the next level. "Everyone will stop caring about me if they see me without make-up." I actually liked her in the most of the book, but in the end she was way too wimpy.

Throughout the book Bryce's dark secret was mentioned a couple of times, his belief that no woman can love him if they find out. I really expected something far more serious was wrong with him. I'm not saying that his secret dyslexia isn't something that takes a lot of work to overcome, but he made it sound much worse.

Their relationship wasn't bad by itself, but with both of them being so insecure it's a miracle they worked everything out.


2.5 stars.