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Instant Attraction

Instant Attraction - Jill Shalvis Katie is a good heroine. After a traumatic event she decided to change her life completely and do all the things she was afraid of, to live her life full of adventures. I admire her for that. She planned to spend a couple of months working at Wilder Adventures and then move on. And then she met Cameron.

Cameron is an athlete whose life changed dramatically after an accident. He can't compete anymore and has problems dealing with that. He spent the last year wandering around the world, trying to "find" himself. He failed. Because he misses his family he comes home to find Katie in his bed. A Goldilocks moment.

I love Cameron's family, the Wilders. His brothers T.J. and Stone are great, and I will b e reading their books. The secondary romance between Nick & Annie was entertaining. Here's a quote from Nick about the Wilders:
“How did we all get so fucked up?”

“Practice, man. Lots of practice.”

An interesting fact about the main characters is the different way they reacted to a life-changing experience.

The only problem is that the book didn't draw me in. Don't ask me why.


3.5 stars.