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Alien in the Family

Alien in the Family - Gini Koch Kitty is one really busy girl. Not only does she have to plan her wedding, she has to worry about some sort of testing to see if she's fit to be Jeff's bride, there's a race of alien Amazons who want to conquer this world, and yeah Jeff could be the next king of A-Cs.

This is my favourite in the series. More of the time was dedicated to Jeff and Kitty's relationship, and Kitty's various friendships.

We get to see more of the way that the A-Cs planet works, it's politics, history and customs.

One of the great things in the book are Poofs. They sound so great and fluffy and just adorable. *sigh*

The best part of the book is the wedding. I was laughing uncontrollably.

I can't wait for the next book in the series Alien Proliferation which comes out in December.


5 stars.