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Baby By Design (Maternity Row)

Baby By Design (Maternity Row) - Paula Detmer Riggs Raine and Morgan's marriage has never been perfect. Raine wanted a stable home, a husband who's there when she needed him. Morgan, as an investigative reporter was away far more often than he was with her. Things would've stayed the same, if Mike, their son, hadn't died. Raine decided she needs her life to be different. One of the steps she took is artificial insemination. To say Morgan is surprised when he comes home and sees that his wife is pregnant is an understatement.

This book wasn't as good as the first 2 books in the series. Raine and Morgan just weren't as likable characters like the ones from the earlier books.

Raine did have to deal with most of the things alone, but the resentment was there, and just kept growing. She knew what she was getting herself into even if she didn't fully understand the consequences.

Morgan was an absentee husband and father. I understand his reasons for trying to be the best in his field, but I still didn't like him. He left her again when she needed him (he had to, but still it bothered me). And I would have liked to see his reasons for the sudden turnaround at the end of the book.

But we get to see the now familiar characters from the previous books. I love when an author lets us see what happens after the HEA at the end of their book.


3.5 stars.